we listen

Before providing a FREE Will or a bespoke Estate Planning Solution Care Package we will carry out a quick FREE No Obligation Estate Review to enable us to help you understand how to avoid the loss of your Home & Assets.

Face to face in the comfort of your own home, over the phone / zoom. 

Our Promise & Commitment:

  1. Every client can receive a professionally drafted & printed Free Will with no further product purchases required.   

  2. However, you will not find a Care Package cheaper that contains additional Trusts or Powers of Attorneys should you decide to go down this common sense protected route.  We are up to 80% cheaper than the competition for these products!

About Us


We are progressive and innovative Estate Planners who ethically & legally tackle the subject of planning against potentially losing your Home & Assets to, among other things, Long Term Care Home Fees.

Don't chance it - Plan & Protect it!

Our Trusts & Power of Attorney products are up to 80% cheaper than our competitors & Solicitors.

These Legal mechanisms are available to us all but clients rarely understand why or their benefits.  We use Plain Language to change that!

No client is under any obligation to take any of our paid for products and services at any time.

we innovate

By providing Professional Executors we  are able to supply FREE Simple Wills to every client that applies.  With no further obligation to purchase other products!  


However, our other Estate Planning products are a fraction of the costs charged by the competition & include personal executors.  They could save tens & hundreds of thousands of pounds!

If you need to appoint your own Executors then a small charge would apply per document of £29 or could still be FREE if you are happy to use a Software Self Service option as opposed to your Wills being professionally drafted, checked & printed.